Focus group 2:

Excellence and Networking

Focus group 2 / ‘Excellence and Networking’ focuses on the further development and identification of new scientific fields of competence in which Dortmund’s universities and research institutions play a special pioneering role.

The goal of the Science Master Plan 1.0 was to strengthen research activities in such a way that Dortmund would have national and international appeal in two or three socially relevant research fields. To this end, the university and scientific institutions involved in the Science 1.0 master plan identified what they considered to be established research fields.

These five scientific fields of competence (logistics, production technology, biomedicine and drug discovery, school and educational research, and energy) are continued in the Science Master Plan 2.0. The development potential identified by the external expert commission will be specifically addressed.

In addition, other research fields have developed with great dynamism in recent years and gained social relevance. These include artificial intelligence/data science and demographic change. Dortmund scientists have outstanding research strengths in these areas.

These two research areas have been identified as new scientific fields of competence and are identified as independent fields of competence in the Science Master Plan 2.0.


School & Education

Biomedicine & Drug Discovery

Production technology


AI & Data Science

Demographic Change

Overview of the scientific competence fields in the Master Plan Science 2.0 (own presentation)

Focal points in this group include

  • Enhancing the international visibility and appeal of the scientific competence fields
  • Stronger networking and identification within the scientific competence fields and thus between the various university and scientific institutions
  • Establishment of governance structures through the coordination of the competence fields via spokespersons or spokesperson teams
  • Overarching interdisciplinary exchange of the focus group is led by the speaker team ‘Excellence and Networking’.

For more information on this focus group, please refer to the Science Master Plan 2.0.


Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer (Rector of TU Dortmund University)

Bild: TU Dortmund/Benito Barajas

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schwick (Rector of Fachhochschule Dortmund – University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

Bild: FH Dortmund/Volker Wiciok